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Foremost Magnets

Forming a partnership with Foremost Magnets Ltd is exactly that, a partnership. There are many benefits for distributors to take advantage off. As well as our commitment and dedication to on-going service and support you will find some other key factors that will help you to promote and sell promotional fridge magnets.

Instant quotes
Our experienced sales team have access to a detailed database, enabling us to provide you with instant telephone and email quotations.

No hidden costs
When you receive a quote from us you get the bottom line. Setup & delivery are included in our prices, so there are no nasty surprises when we invoice you.

Fast turnaround
We produce nothing but fridge magnets. Our specialised production line allows us to process orders quickly and efficiently.

UK manufactured
In-house manufacturing gives us greater quality control and fast, flexible lead times.

No charge for overs
We find it hard to believe that some other suppliers charge for overs. You will almost certainly receive overs from us, but we wouldn’t dream of charging for them.

Over 300 stock shapes
We have a wide variety of stock cutters in various shapes and sizes. Our sales team would be pleased to supply you with images, cutter guides and advice on bespoke jobs.