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Foremost Magnets

What does “trade only” mean?
Trade only means that we will only sell our products to professionals who sell them on for profit.

Am I eligible to become a distributor?
If you are looking to purchase our products to sell to a third party, you are probably eligible to become a distributor. If you think you might be, please fill in the form on the “contact us” page and we will get back to you within 24hours.

I am a customer of Foremost Magnets but I do not have a login.
We are working through our database issuing logins. However, if you want one straight away, contact us and we will provide one.

What is your minimum order quantity?
We have no minimum order quantity.

I’ve got a really urgent job, what's the quickest you can get it to my client?
Our standard lead time to dispatch most orders up to around 10,000 units is 5 working days from artwork approval. We are very flexible with lead times and will always work with you to achieve a fast turnaround . We also offer an express service where we can dispatch an order within 48 hours from artwork approval for an additional £25.00.

I have used a different magnet supplier in the past, I have a repeat order which id like Foremost Magnets to do. Can you match it?
We would be happy to try and match any job for you, and can provide you with print samples to approve before we run the job.

I’ve got a magnet order ready to go but I don’t have print ready artwork. Can you help?
We are always happy to help with any artwork problems you may have, we have in house designers that will be happy to discuss your requirements.